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Using HCI can make your cloud more flexible, profitable

Cloud service providers can reap a longer, more profitable life from their cloud platforms by taking advantage of the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure.


A proprietary hypervisor in your HCI system is OK

Many products from smaller hyper-converged players use proprietary hypervisors, which can save companies money on licenses and reduce management complexity.


Datrium demos Cloud DVX for Amazon Web Services

Startup Datrium is readying a new Cloud DVX option for Amazon Web Services to provide customers with an off-site option for backup and disaster recovery.


Your top hyper-converged storage questions answered

There is a lot of information out there on hyper-converged storage, and it can be difficult to get down to basics. Here are five common questions about hyper-convergence, answered.

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Converged infrastructure Basics

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    Some assembly required? Buy or DIY hyper-convergence

    If you're ready to invest in a hyper-converged infrastructure, it's worth it to explore all your possibilities. Take our quiz and decide if a prebuilt or DIY system is right for you.

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    hyper-converged storage

    Hyper-converged storage is a technology that combines storage, compute, networking and virtualization technologies in one physical unit that is managed as a single system.

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    Yes, you can build your own hyper-converged platform

    Start with software when you plan a DIY hyper-converged platform. That will make it easier to match it with hardware that can give you the best performance results.

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