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Pivot3 smartens up Acuity hyper-convergence

The Acuity Intelligence Engine delivers advanced data and performance management to simplify data protection and system administration for Pivot3 hyper-convergence.


Hyper-converged use cases beyond VM stacks: A hardware guide

Explore best hyper-converged appliance and cluster configurations for containers, machine/deep learning, streaming analytics and specific products supporting each of these workloads.


What is AI-defined infrastructure, and does it work?

Software-driven hyper-converged, composable infrastructures and incorporation of AI technologies into compute and storage has brought more intelligence to enterprise IT than ever.


Top factors for calculating hyper-converged TCO

A lot of factors for estimating hyper-converged total cost of ownership are fairly straightforward, others less so. Follow these guidelines to get started on this complex process.

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Converged infrastructure Basics

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    What is behind today's IT modernization strategies?

    See how businesses have altered operating environments, applications and processes to meet IT infrastructure modernization goals, their budgets and how far along they've gotten.

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    Illustrated guide to hyper-converged edge computing

    Hyper-converged systems can help reduce network strain by making it possible to send only the most valuable and relevant data to centralized remote data centers or the cloud.

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    Take our Nutanix HCI quiz

    Do you know what it takes to deploy, maintain and secure Nutanix hyper-converged hardware and software? Take our quiz to see how deep your Nutanix knowledge and expertise runs.

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  • Hyper-Converged Vendors and Products

    HCI market gets new entrant from HPE-Nutanix combo

    Dell EMC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise say their storage and server revenues declined sharply last quarter, while hyper-converged infrastructure sales keep growing.

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Management

    Nutanix Karbon upgrade focuses on non-Kubernetes experts

    Nutanix aims Karbon at 'mere mortals' who want to run Kubernetes in on-premises data centers, but it faces plenty of competitors preparing for containers that need persistent storage.

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Systems

    Retailer Sheetz uses StorMagic HCI at the edge

    Retail chain Sheetz simplified its technology on the edge with StorMagic hyper-converged infrastructure software, reducing seven devices at each site to two servers running SvSAN.