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HCI can ease transition to the cloud

A hyper-converged cloud enables IT managers to overcome the challenges of managing compute, storage and network resources as separate tiers and move to the cloud in stages.


Nutanix unconcerned with competitive threats, CEO says

Nutanix can benefit if Dell alienates VMware's other partners by abandoning its 'Switzerland of computing' strategy, according to the HCI vendor's CEO Dheeraj Pandey.


Nutanix challenges VMware in HCI with AHV, cloud support

In the battle for HCI supremacy, Nutanix has hyper-converged history and now AHV, while VMware has virtualization dominance and a boost from its parent Dell's server hardware.


Businesses invest in HCI to transform data centers

Businesses turn to hyper-convergence to reduce data center complexity so IT can more directly support business goals and capitalize on the value of data.

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    How Flow brings SDN to Nutanix hyper-convergence

    Learn how Flow SDN brings network policy and management services to Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure through the automation and streamlining of common networking operations.

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    Explore link between composable and hyper-convergence

    Find out if composable infrastructure is the next step in the evolution of HCI, if it is a completely different type of IT infrastructure or if the truth is somewhere in between.

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    Top HCI-based cloud questions answered

    Hyper-convergence can help make taking a cloud or multi-cloud approach to your architecture easier to implement, manage and scale. Read on to find out how and why.

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