Citrix WorkspacePod

Citrix WorkspacePod is a pre-configured converged infrastructure product that includes compute, storage and networking resources all in one package to support workspace delivery using Citrix Workspace Cloud, XenApp and XenDesktop.

Citrix WorkspacePod is aimed at companies that need to deliver complete virtual workspaces or Windows, Web or Linux applications. The traditional data access model for companies is to have all users access data through a wide area network link to a centralized data repository. WorkspacePod does the opposite, de-centralizing the data so that employees retain their access to work applications and data even in the event of a WAN failure or data center problem. The distributed storage model is also intended to improve desktop virtualization scalability.

WorkspacePod's architecture is based on Sanbolic's Melio software-defined storage management product, HP's Moonshot platform and the HP Proliant SL4540 server. Citrix's large-scale WorkspacePod configuration includes one HP Moonshot computer server and a three-node storage cluster of HP ProLiant SL4540 servers, and can support more than 2,000 VDI sessions simultaneously. Citrix also has a reference architecture for a smaller WorkspacePod installation that supports 150 to 450 VDI users. The smaller configuration uses a 2U chassis from DataOn Storage with 24 SAS drives. Both configurations include some combination of spinning disks and solid state disks for storage.

This was last updated in December 2015

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