DataCore SANsymphony-V

Contributor(s): Sarah Wilson

DataCore SANsymphony-V is storage virtualization software that is used to pool capacity across heterogeneous storage hardware and provide management features to a storage environment.

SANsymphony-V was released by DataCore Software in January 2011 as an upgrade to the vendor's SANsymphony enterprise platform. At the same time, DataCore rolled its SMB-focused SANmelody application into SANsymphony-V.

In addition to pooling capacity from storage hardware, athe SANsymphony-V provides a number of storage management capabilities including synchronous mirroring, caching, thin provisioning, RAID and snapshotting. It also features a GUI from which storage can be centrally managed and provisioned. It scales to a maximum of 32 nodes. It also features OpenStack integration so that users can build cloud storage regardless of whether the underlying hardware is OpenStack-compatible.

Analysts say some benefits the DataCore SANsymphony-V can bring to a storage area network (SAN) environment include performance improvements through the use of cache and auto-tiering, cost savings because the software works with low-end hardware, and enhanced data protection capabilities.

This was last updated in June 2015

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