EVO:SDDC was an enterprise-level, expandable rack-mounted hyper-converged infrastructure appliance from VMware, codenamed EVO:RACK in development. The company announced in September 2016 that EVO:SDDC would no longer be available and that its capabilities would be part of Cloud Foundation, VMware's software-defined data center (SDDC) platform for hybrid cloud. 

Hyper-converged systems have become popular because they are quick to deploy, easily scalable and work with existing infrastructure. EVO:RACK followed EVO:RAIL, VMware’s smaller four-node appliance that combined storage, network and compute resources to help customers create virtual machines (VMs) faster and provision storage more quickly. Cloud Foundation targets enterprise virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and big data workloads to meet the needs of larger organizations for scalable private cloud systems.

The EVO:SDDC system was expandable to 10 racks, tied together with virtual networking using NSX, VMwares software-defined networking (SDN) software, through integrated physical networking hardware. That inclusion was expected to increase the adoption of NSX, which has sometimes been considered overly complex.

According to VMware, “EVO” stands for “evolution.”

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