Lenovo Converged HX series

Lenovo Converged HX series is the company’s scalable hyper-converged  appliance product group.

The HX series is designed to reduce data center costs through faster and simpler deployment and maintenance, while also increasing performance. HX appliances are designed for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), server virtualization, private and hybrid clouds, enterprise applications and remote/branch office (ROBO) environments.

Converged HX models are optimized for different workloads:

  • HX3500 for compute-intensive environments.
  • HX5500 for storage-heavy environments.
  • HX7500 for high-performance computing (HPC) environments.

The appliances use Intel Xeon processors with as many as 44 cores and 768GB of RAM, with various SSD caching and storage configurations for a single-node model range. HX series offer massive scalability; nodes can be added one at a time for pay “as you grow” overprovisioning. The HX series utilize Nutanix software and hypervisor. Management is all conducted through a single pane interface.  

The ITIC 2015-2016 Global Server Hardware and OS Reliability Survey  rated Lenovo x system servers  first in reliablity among  x86 servers. The HX series is also backed by a three- or five-year warranty.

This was last updated in October 2016

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