Maxta MxSP (Maxta Storage Platform)

The Maxta MxSP (Maxta Storage Platform) is a software-based hyper-converged storage platform.

Maxta MxSP was released in November 2013, and was originally marketed toward small and medium-sized businesses, and for disaster recovery and virtual desktop infrastructure environments. MxSP software aggregates all the storage seen by a hypervisor in a virtual environment and uses those storage pools for virtual machine (VM) placement. The product also provides storage features such as thin provisioning, deduplication, replication and snapshots. The software can be deployed on any x86 server using any hypervisor.

MaxDeploy Reference Architecture

In August 2014, the MaxDeploy Reference Architecture was released. Built on Intel Server Boards and Systems, the reference architecture allows the Maxta MxSP software to be packaged with hardware platforms.

Organizations can also select industry-standard server vendor(s), storage media type and capacity, and network switches based on their specific needs. Pre-validated configurations include testing with server-side flash technology and magnetic disk drives.

MxCloudConnect and MXInsight

In May 2015, Maxta announced the MxCloudConnect cloud-based analytics portal that enables proactive maintenance. 

This Maxta video describes the firm's hypervisor-agnostic, scalable, software-defined VM-centric storage platform.

The company also announced the MxInsight management interface for VMware, Linux and OpenStack-based environments. It offers historical reporting, enhanced policy management and storage quality of service management for all Maxta MxSP and MaxDeploy products.

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