Nimboxx Inc.

Nimboxx Inc. was a hyper-converged infrastructure vendor that began shipping the Atomic Unit platform in July 2014. The Atomic Unit was a hybrid hyper-converged system that used KVM hypervisors and combined storage, compute, networking and virtualization in nodes.

Atomic Units also shipped with the Nimboxx MeshOS software to provide storage features such as point-in-time snapshots, compression, deduplication and caching. In June 2015 Nimboxx Inc. upgraded its MeshOS software to support high availability (HA) for failover between Atomic Unit nodes. Other updates included the ability to configure up to 10 virtual machine (VM) bridges for secure VM-to-VM communication within a node and per-VM configurable auto-start of a virtual machine upon node restart. Enhanced support for Ethernet jumbo frames, higher performance hardware components, and bulk actions for VM and user management functions were also added.

Nimboxx had three hyper-converged infrastructure appliances -- the AU-110, AU110x and AU-120x -- that combine compute, storage and networking. All models featured tiering between solid-state drives and hard disk drives, as well as rapid deployment, dynamic storage orchestration, HA and a shared-nothing management model.

The Nimboxx Verde virtual desktop infrastructure platform delivered a persistent desktop experience across laptops, tablets and smartphones. Among the features Version 8.0 offers were role-based access control, Multi-tenancy, a Gold master image model and Clustered File System-based storage.

Learn more about Nimboxx and view a demo of a soup-to-nuts deployment.

Among Nimboxx Inc.'s competitors included Maxta Storage Platform, Nutanix Xtreme Computing Platform, Scale Computing HC3, SimpliVity OmniCube and VMware Virtual SAN.

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