Nutanix Complete Cluster (Xtreme Computing Platform)

Nutanix Complete Cluster is a scale-out hyper-converged storage platform that launched in August 2011. 

The Nutanix Complete Cluster was one of the first products in what has become to be known as the hyper-converged infrastructure market, which includes technology that packages compute, storage, networking and virtualization together in one appliance. The first Complete Cluster appliance launched was the NX-2000 series, which was shipped as 2U blocks, each block containing four nodes, and a combination of flash and hard disk drives (HDDs). Users can add additional nodes to the cluster at any time.

In December 2013 the NX-3000 system was unveiled, which gave users the ability to scale compute and capacity separately by adding several node configuration options which offer varying numbers of CPU cores per socket and amounts of flash and HDDs. The Nutanix Operating System 3.0, which is packaged on all NX-3000 appliances, added disaster recovery tools such as compression and replication to the list of features that already included live migration and high availability.

In June, 2015, Nutanix rebranded the Complete Cluster as the Xtreme Computing Platform. The updated appliances are shipped with Nutanix’s Acropolis hypervisor and Prism management framework, but the underlying hardware was not changed.

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