Contributor(s): Matthew Haughn

Supermicro is a company that specializes in x86-64 server technology. The company targets consumer and enterprise markets and maintains a focus on power efficiency and green technology.

Supermicro products include:

  • Server building block solutions.
  • Bare-bones server offerings.
  • Universal I/O (UIO): A riser card set up for expandable PCI-Express-like connections.
  • Twin server family of fully featured 1U systems with 2 nodes and 2U systems with 4 nodes per unit.
  • GPU supercomputing servers that benefit from the massive parallel processing power of GPUs and the company's SuperBlade solution.
  • Self-contained server solutions made to share common computing infrastructure for power and space savings with up to 14 blade offerings for data center applications.

The company’s other products include motherboards, chassis, storage and embedded devices.

Supermicro was founded by engineer Charles Liang in 1993. Corporate headquarters are in San Jose, California.

This was last updated in October 2016

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