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September 2016

Software-defined technology sizzles; where's the beef?

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Hyper-converged and software-defined storage are alternatives to traditional array-based storage systems. Before you junk your legacy systems, learn how these new systems are different from each other and from the storage you've grown accustomed to using.

Products in both categories are designed to make it easier to implement new technology, usually in virtual environments. Hyper-converged systems combine storage, compute and hypervisors in one box. The bundled model makes it easier to install and manage. However, the bundled appliances do not allow you to scale those resources independently. Also, because most hyper-converged systems support only one hypervisor, that could limit flexibility. Hyper-convergence can also change the roles of administrators inside an IT team, breaking down silos. That change can be good or bad, depending on your perspective.

Software-defined storage is an umbrella for many types of storage rather than a specific category. Common types of software-defined storage include virtual appliances and other products for virtual environments. Other applications that virtualize or manage storage across disparate hardware -- including off-the-shelf commodity systems -- also fall into the software-defined storage category. Software-defined storage can be bundled or packaged on an appliance. Buying software only adds flexibility and usually costs less than an appliance, but appliances come precertified and tested by the vendors to reduce risk.

About The Author

Jon Toigo - CEO and Managing Principal

Jon Toigo was a veteran planner who assisted more than 100 ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • How software-defined storage has become more sophisticated
  • Bringing focus to the software-defined storage market
  • Hyper-converged software benefits include cost, flexibility

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