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The rise of hyper-converged architecture for storage

Hyper-converged architecture has caused plenty of excitement in the data storage market, and it looks like the technology is here to stay. This guide offers the latest news and expert insight on hyper-converged storage.


Hyper-converged architecture is dominating the data storage market these days, with top vendors and experts all weighing in. New hyper-converged appliances are grabbing headlines and if companies aren't releasing hyper-converged products, they are talking about possibilities down the road.

With stalwart companies like EMC, which launched its third hyper-converged system, churning out products, it's clear hyper-converged architecture is here to stay.

In this essential guide, we've gathered the latest news, advice and expert opinions to help you gain a better understanding of hyper-converged storage architectures.

1In the news-

Hyper-convergence in the marketplace

Read about the latest vendor additions to the hyper-converged market and what companies like IBM have planned for the future of hyper-converged architecture.


Nutanix seeks to replace VMware hypervisor with Acropolis

At its .NEXT user conference in Miami, Nutanix rolled out Acropolis, a new hyper-converged product aimed at rival VMware. Continue Reading


Atlantis launches HyperScale hyper-converged appliance

With HyperScale, Atlantis Computing has made its USX storage virtualization software available on common hardware platforms to build hyper-converged appliances. Continue Reading


IBM's storage strategy offers possibility of hyper-convergence

Jamie Thomas, IBM general manager for storage and software-defined systems, discusses IBM's storage strategy and whether hyper-converged appliances are a possibility down the road. Continue Reading


Backup vendor Idealstor enters hyper-converged market

The Idealstor Hyper Converged Systems platform is a two-node, low-cost hyper-converged architecture aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Continue Reading


DataCore supports hyper-converged systems with SANsymphony update

DataCore has taken on hyper-convergence, hybrid cloud storage, backup and dedupe with SANsymphony-V10. Continue Reading

2Getting started-

Hyper-converged tips

Hyper-converged architecture information is flooding the marketplace. The following tips and expert answers can help you find your bearings regarding this expanding topic.


Does hyper-convergence live up to the hype?

Expert Jon Toigo breaks the technology into three easily understood categories in this tip. Continue Reading


Seven ways to evaluate a hyper-converged system

Not sure how to navigate the crowded field of hyper-converged architecture? Toigo discusses the factors required in a hyper-converged system. Continue Reading


The essential hyper-converged checklist

Need help to determine which hyper-converged architecture will work best for you? Sneak a peek at the must-ask questions vendors should answer. Continue Reading


Defining a hyper-converged storage infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure can produce storage in a bundle, but complications can arise. Continue Reading


Hyper-converged storage can be a good fit for virtual desktop infrastructure

With complex configurations necessary, virtualizing desktops can be difficult. Hyper-converged storage might be the perfect solution. Continue Reading

3Expert opinions-

Deep dive into hyper-convergence

Hyper-converged storage has seen a major uptick in user adoption. In this section, learn about hyper-converged infrastructure popularity, use cases and value.


Examining the converged and hyper-converged landscape

While converged and hyper-converged systems are similar in many ways, each technology approach has its own use cases and benefits. Continue Reading


Renewed interest in hyper-converged storage infrastructure

Hyper-converged storage is all the rage, with big name vendors throwing their hats in the ring. But Toigo highlights one vendor partnership that could mix up the landscape. Continue Reading


The many advantages of a hyper-converged infrastructure

Simplicity, availability and value are just a few of the reasons people are jumping on the hyper-converged bandwagon. Continue Reading


Hyper-converged products show their value

After proving its worth in the marketplace, fierce vendor competition may indicate the technology is here to stay. Continue Reading


Risks and rewards of a hyper-converged infrastructure

The benefits of hyper-converged have earned the technology a number of fans, but it may not be right for every environment. Continue Reading

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