The rise of hyper-converged architecture for storage

Last updated:July 2015

Editor's note

Hyper-converged architecture is dominating the data storage market these days, with top vendors and experts all weighing in. New hyper-converged appliances are grabbing headlines and if companies aren't releasing hyper-converged products, they are talking about possibilities down the road.

With stalwart companies like EMC, which launched its third hyper-converged system, churning out products, it's clear hyper-converged architecture is here to stay.

In this essential guide, we've gathered the latest news, advice and expert opinions to help you gain a better understanding of hyper-converged storage architectures.

1Hyper-converged tips

Hyper-converged architecture information is flooding the marketplace. The following tips and expert answers can help you find your bearings regarding this expanding topic.

2Deep dive into hyper-convergence

Hyper-converged storage has seen a major uptick in user adoption. In this section, learn about hyper-converged infrastructure popularity, use cases and value.