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September 2017, Vol. 16, No. 7

It's time to rethink the software-defined storage market

Few storage terms have been hyped as much in recent years as software-defined storage. It seems that every new storage player has an SDS-based offering in some shape or form. The question remains though, despite the hype and the abundance of offerings, why hasn't SDS technology taken over the data center? It isn't due to a lack of advantages. To better understand the software-defined storage market, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) conducted a research study of more than 300 IT professionals responsible for evaluating, purchasing and managing data storage technology. Respondents had to be using, evaluating or at least be interested in SDS as a long-term strategy. This survey provided insight into what's driving IT to the technology, as well as benefits achieved by those who had deployed it, including the following: reducing storage operational expenses; simplifying or expediting new storage deployments; and simplifying storage management. These are only the top three of a longer list. It appears the software-defined storage ...

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