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Atlantis USX goes hyper-converged with partners

Atlantis USX storage virtualization software now available on common hardware platforms to build hyper-converged appliances.

Atlantis Computing today launched a hyper-converged appliance called HyperScale, consisting of its USX virtualization software bundled on all-flash x86 hardware.

Atlantis' channel partners will actually do the bundling on pre-tested hardware to deliver what they see as a low-cost alternative to hyper-converged products sold by Nutanix, SimpliVity and VMware's EVO: RAIL partners. The bundles will be branded as HyperScale appliances powered by Atlantis.

Atlantis USX software runs on top of VMware or Citrix hypervisors and pools any type of storage. It also adds storage services such as data deduplication, thin cloning, tiering and caching. For HyperScale, Atlantis tailored the USX for specific hardware platforms. It is optimized for Cisco, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard and Supermicro servers.

HyperScale boxes will be either 12 TB (CX-12) or 24 TB (CX-24) of capacity on four flash hardware nodes. The systems support 256-cluster nodes. Atlantis marketing VP Bob Davis said he expects virtual desktop infrastructure storage to be the top workload for HyperScale, with database acceleration another obvious use case.

Davis said Atlantis USX appeals to enterprises, but smaller companies want software on an appliance instead of buying it and installing it themselves.

"People said, 'I love your product, but I don't have the skill to do the implementation,'" Davis said. "The value prop wasn't the question; the question was how easy was it to get it installed.

"There were vendors out there like Nutanix, selling hyper-converged on Supermicro [hardware], and we need an alternative," he added. "How can we take the USX to the lower end of the enterprise and mid-sized companies? How can we make it simple, cost-effective and profitable for partners?"

The channel partners will set final prices, but Atlantis released a list of what it expects their partners to charge for different configurations. Those prices are $78,000 (CX-12) and $145,000 (CX-24) for HyperScale appliances based on Supermicro hardware; $126,000 (CX-12) and $227,000 (CX-24) for HyperScale on HP servers; $146,000 (CX-12) and $255,000 (CX-24) for HyperScale on Lenovo; and $185,000 (CX-12) and $309,000 for HyperScale (CX-24) on Cisco.

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