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A site devoted to converged infrastructure market information

Join us in our launch of SearchConvergedInfrastructure, a TechTarget site dedicated to providing IT professionals with news, tips and features on converged technologies.

The converged infrastructure market is changing the way data centers are designed and managed. The technology represents a sweeping change that affects all IT professionals and recalibrates responsibilities by bringing together once-separate disciplines, such as storage, compute and networking. With functional distinctions blurring, IT professionals formerly divided into distinct teams need to work closer together. That's why TechTarget sees the importance of providing a central location for any IT professional to find information on the converged infrastructure market and its technology, and has launched SearchConvergedInfrastructure.

Whether you're a manager evaluating the technology for the first time, a storage administrator working directly with a hyper-converged node or a virtualization specialist looking for an easier way to provision virtual machines, SearchConvergedInfrastructure provides the latest news about products in the developing market and advice on troubleshooting and optimizing your environment.

SearchConvergedInfrastructure covers the converged infrastructure market at the granular level data center administrators need. It includes expert-written tips, case studies profiling real users, comprehensive buying guides and breaking news. Through our content, readers will gain unbiased, useful and understandable knowledge about a market segment that's often crowded with marketing claims.

But the rise of converged infrastructure technology also means older technologies have become less relevant or changed their focus.

Converged infrastructure -- particularly hyper-convergence -- removes much of the guesswork in provisioning storage in virtual environments, and storage technologies created specifically for virtual machines are now in the mainstream. Due to this evolution in the storage market, and the launch of SearchConvergedInfrastructure, the editorial team at TechTarget believes it makes sense to eliminate our SearchVirtualStorage site. The content you've read for the past several years won't vanish -- you'll find it on SearchStorage or SearchConvergedInfrastructure -- but just as the concerns of storage administrators are changing, our site structure is changing to match them.

We hope you stay with us as we continue to cover this emerging market, and we look forward to where converged infrastructure technology takes us.

Sarah Wilson, senior site editor

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