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The right hyper-converged system yields software-defined gains


Pivot3 Acuity started with HCI for surveillance, security

Source:  Pivot3
Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Pivot3 is another pioneer in the HCI market, having had an HCI product since early 2012. Pivot3's background in video security storage combined with its acquisition of NexGen Storage gives the vendor a solid track record when it comes to providing a data center offering that requires deep understanding of data storage.

The Pivot3 Acuity product brings intriguing capability to the hyper-converged equation, including a product with a full NVMe data path and advanced QoS from NexGen to ensure that workloads always get the resources they need. But not everyone needs NVMe all the time, so Pivot3 still makes available hybrid and flash-based appliances.

The Pivot3 Hybrid Cloud Edition enables you to seamlessly replicate workloads between an on-premises environment and AWS. That helps organizations migrate to the public cloud using the tools and services they already understand.

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Are the performance and reliability claims from vendors like Pivot3 something you weigh in your HCI decisions?



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